Who is Eligible?

PEF Summer Volunteering is open to students at PHS, rising into grades 10th-12th. 

What is the commitment?

PEF Summer Enrichment runs for 4 weeks in June, from 9-12. We are looking for volunteer support to be a Teacher or Office Assistant at Havens Elementary or Piedmont Middle School. For elementary, we ask for a 2 week committment. For middle school, we ask for a 1 week committment.

Student volunteers are need to support Teachers in the classroom or site Principal in the office. We are looking for proactive and engaged students interested in working with kids and teachers to support the function of daily PEF Summer Enrichment.  

Volunteer Hours

Participants can earn up to 20 community service hours per week. If you are seeking service hours, please make sure to provide the site administrator with documentation to sign. 

Sign Up

Participates will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis with site Administrator approval. Students will get an email with sigh up information in April, after Spring Break. Once assigned, students will be notified of their volunteer assignment. 


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