2nd - 5th GRADE

The PEF Summer Enrichment Elementary Program serves incoming 2nd through 5th Grade students.

Programs are held at Frank C. Havens Elementary School located at 323 Highland Avenue in Piedmont.

               Session 1: June 4-7 & 10-14                     Session I (RD):   $420   (After 5/15 $445) 


               Session 2: June 17-21 & 24-28                 Session 2 (RD):  $450   (After 5/15 $475)



Sessions are 2 Courses - Pick 2 Classes per Session at Registration

Students entering 2nd - 5th grade take two classes during the program (9am-Noon).


     Class 1 - 9-10:20am                  Break - 10:20-10:40am                 Class 2 - 10:40-Noon


Course offerings are dependent upon registration.

Please note that Session I starts on Tuesday, June 4. 

Some classes require an additional $5 or more materials fee.

Class schedules will be determined based on interest and to minimize conflicts.


SUMMER 2019 - PICK 2 Classes per Session

Class Offerings - Subject to change based upon enrollment.



Class 1  

Italian Cooking for Kids....grades 2-5

Card Making For Kids........grades 2-4

Fantastic Fairy Tales.........grades 2-3

Street Hockey....................grades 2-3

Wacky Science!..................grades 2-3

Innovation Station............grades 4-5

Ready, Set, Read!..............grades 4-5

Class 2 

Easy Asian Cooking...........grades 2-5

Printmaking.......................grades 3-5

Games! Games! Games!....grades 2-3

Innovation Station............grades 2-3

Ready, Set, Read!...............grades 2-3

Street Hockey....................grades 4-5

Wacky Science!..................grades 4-5

Marvelous Math................grades 4-5



Class 1  

Italian Cooking for Kids....grades 2-5

Let's Act It Out...................grades 2-3

Street Hockey.....................grades 2-5

Innovation Station.............grades 4-5

Shape Shifters....................grades 4-5

Class 2 

Easy Asian Cooking...........grades 2-5

Innovation Station............grades 2-3

Marvelous Math................grades 2-3

Let's Act It Out..................grades 4-5


2019 SUMMER COURSE OFFERINGS (for students entering grades 2-5)


There are 2 sessions for Grades 2-5, each 2 weeks in length. Pick 2 classes from the lists above (Class 1 & Class 2).


Cardmaking for Kids 2-4

Get crafty! Students will create a collection of colorful and personalized cards for different occasions. A variety of crafting techniques such as stamping, paper marbling, and collage will be introduced. Students will have an opportunity to explore their creativity while developing skills in various art mediums including watercolor and colored pencil. If you get excited about giving handmade cards to friends and family, this class is for you!


Taught by:  Brittney Price

Easy Asian Cooking

Enjoy the delicacies you make! Learn the joys of basic Asian cooking. We'll use healthy, fresh, local ingredients to make egg rolls, spring rolls, noodle dishes and lots of other Asian fare. It's easier than you think, very hands-on and lots of fun! Grades 2-5.


Taught by: Pannipa Sieben

Fantastic Fairy Tales

Come and explore new and familiar fairy tales through art and drama.  We'll be engaged in reading stories and doing related projects that will include painting, paper crafts, and puppet shows.  If you like dragons, princesses, and magical spells, then this is the class for you! This is for students entering 2nd and 3rd grades.


Taught by: Pam Quintella

Games! Games! Games!

This class will focus on getting our bodies and minds moving as we play a mixture of games.  Activities will include logic games, cooperative outdoor activities, board games, and team building games.   New games will be played each day and we'll develop a bank of strategies and tips for playing. Kids will be challenged as individuals and as part of a group, and will have an opportunity to teach others what they've learned.  This is for students entering 2nd and 3rd grade.


Taught by: Pam Quintella

Innovation Station

Catapults, bridges, mazes are just a few of the super cool inventions you can build - all on your own! In this STEAM focused class, we want students to explore the world around them while developing their thinking and reasoning skills. Students will engage in activities that combine different elements of STEAM through guided inquiry in which they must ask thoughtful questions, discover answers, apply what they learn and problem-solve creatively. This class involves teamwork and thoughtful dialogues in which students exchange ideas and discuss way to problem-solve.


Taught by:  Alicia Martinez

Italian Cooking for Kids

Enjoy the tastes of Italy through cooking! Students will use fresh, local ingredients to create healthy traditional Italian favorites like spaghetti and meatballs, crostini, bruschettas, pizza, pasta salad, and much more. Easy, tasty, hands-on and fun! Grades 2-5.


Taught by: Pannipa Sieben

Let’s Act It Out!

Use your skills to create and perform!  We will use theater exercises, creative dramatics, movement, dialogue, script writing, set design, and dance to capture your audience's attention for your final performance.  Gain confidence and become part of a creative and playful community. Let's act it out together!


Taught by: Katie Jepsen

Marvelous Math

Through games, literature, art projects, and exploration, students will have fun while learning and reviewing math concepts. In this class students become more fluent with math facts through games and quick strategies, find the area or perimeter of houses they design, and read about The Greedy Triangle. Instruction will be modified to students’ needs, while the course is mostly designed for students who want to strengthen and review their understanding of concepts.


Taught by:  Alaleh Ford

Paper Crafts from Around The World

Stamp your passport as we "travel" around the world during this two week course.  Students will create paper based crafts from around the globe, making stops in Japan, Mexico, Italy, and more!  


Taught by:  Genesis Berrios

Printmaking with Ms. Price! 3-5

Welcome to Printmaking with Ms. Price! In this class we will create awesome artworks and explore a variety of stamping and printmaking techniques. We will use found objects including string, screws, fruits and veggies to make fun stamps and beautiful prints. Projects include printmaking with unique, hand carved styrofoam stamps, making collagraphs (prints created from collections of textures), stamping bell peppers to make artwork inspired by Andy Warhol’s Flowers series, and much more. The possibilities are endless in the world of printmaking; I can’t wait to create with you!


Taught by:  Brittney Price

Ready, Set, Read!

Just because the school year has ended, it doesn't mean the reading fun has to stop! Historical fiction, fantasy, and poetry are just some of the genres your student will explore during this two week class. We'll play games and engage in a variety of activities that will allow us to delve deeper in our reading. Readers of all levels are warmly welcomed to this class.


Taught by: Genesis Berrios

Shape Shifters

This class mixes math and art, and is great for the child that is working on building his/her spatial sense. Through art projects, children will learn geometry terms, names of shapes (2 dimensional and 3 dimensional), angles, concepts of symmetry, etc. They would create projects using shapes, solve puzzles, and read literature related to these topics.


Taught by:  Alaleh Ford

Sharks and Parks Street Hockey 2-3

Come learn the basics of street hockey. The San Jose Sharks have already provided the equipment and coaching materials, so now we need some players! This entry-level class will be tailored to the level of those enrolled. Emphasis will be on the learning fundamentals, improving personal fitness, and demonstrating good sportsmanship.


Taught by: Kelly Caldwell

Sharks and Parks Street Hockey 4-5

This beginning/intermediate street hockey class will be tailored to the level of those enrolled. In collaboration with the San Jose Sharks & The NHL, students will have opportunities to improve their personal fitness, develop street hockey fundamentals, practice offensive and defensive strategies and even dress up and play in full goalie gear. Emphasis will always be on sportsmanship as opposed to competition.


Taught by: Kelly Caldwell

Wacky Science!

Join us as we transform the classroom into a fun science laboratory. This interactive learning experience for kids grades 2-5 will dive into a variety of sciences demonstrated through hands-on experiments. Students will get their hands dirty while exploring concepts. Lava lamps and slime are just some examples of products that will be taken home and shared with families.


Taught by:  Martina Heppner

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